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The strength of a team in real estate business and solutions

Real Estate Business

Sell, buy or rent your property

Architecture & Design

Decoration, landscaping, reforms

We love the beauty and enjoy doing good business

We have the full strength of the real estate group added to our own Construction Company. We apply creativity in the strategies to sell your property and with our investment criterion, we help you to buy what suits you best. We develop from Turnkey projects, to the minimal reform that solves that small detail. We speak Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese, English, French, Italian, Russian and Chinese.

Featured properties

Venta casa Vallpineda

Casa o chalet independiente en Vallpineda

354 m² 5 hab. Garaje incluido


Piso en calle de Francesc Armengol, Sitges

155m², 4 hab, 3 baños, Terraza, Balcón, Piscina, Mar.
2.950€ por mes


Dúplex en Sant Sebastia, Sitges

128m², 3 hab, 3 baños, Balcón


Dúplex en calle Isla de Cuba, Sitges

300m², 5 hab, 3 baños, Terraza, Balcón, Ideal reformas.

Decoración Sitges
Decoración Sitges
Decoración Sitges

Furniture & Decoration por your home

Visit our showroom en Cr Santiago Rusiñol 34, Sitges Barcelona – View map

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